Private guide-escort

In addition to the classic tours in Istanbul, there are many other museums and places of interest. Lesser known places, outside the most common tourist itineraries that you can discover with us. This is without counting the temporary exhibitions that are held on the occasion of different festivities. If you do not want to waste your time with a group of 40 people and only 1 guide, hire the services of a private guide.

The professional tour guide generally speaks several languages ​​in which he or she usually expresses himself. You can act as a translator in interviews, conferences, seminars, work visits to factories and production centers and in all those activities in which an interpreter is required.

Night Attendance at Dinners

The night is another world, especially in Istanbul. The guide can provide very useful support by coordinating means of transport when leaving and returning. This type of night assistance can be complemented with a panoramic night tour. Istanbul at night is a beautifully illuminated city.

Assistance at the airport.

A professional guide-escort from Capacity Travel will wait for you upon arrival at the airport. He will greet you with your name and during the journey to the hotel he will provide you with all kinds of information and explanations about the city. He will accompany you to your hotel and provide you with the necessary help to carry out routine procedures upon arrival at the hotel.


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